champagne apéritif with rose syrup and lychee purée


Champagne Aperitif

Valentine’s Day champagne apéritif with rose syrup and lychee purée

makes 5 apéritifs

what you need:

1 bottle very cold champagne (or prosecco)
1 ¼ cup lychee purée  (from fresh or canned lychees)
1 tablespoon rose syrup

granulated sugar (as needed if using fresh lychees)
rose petals (as needed for garnish)

how to:

  • Purée. Peel lychees. Dice flesh and remove pits. Place in a blender or food processor with the rose syrup. Purée until smooth. Taste. Add a little sugar to sweeten if necessary.
  • Add Champagne.  Pour 2 ounces of the purée into each champagne flute or wine glass. Add 3 ounces of prosecco in each glass.  Mix gently.



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3 responses to “champagne apéritif with rose syrup and lychee purée”

  1. Sally Decarlo says:

    Don’t get me wrong i will never turn down a glass of champagne, this one is especially true. I couldn’t stop drinking these, neither could my husband. Glad we were already home and didn’t need to drive anywhere.

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