a fast food you can run on and dive into: roasted red pepper tuna purée.

September 10th, 2012



a fast food you can run on and dive into:
 roasted red pepper tuna purée. 

The inspiration for this week’s simple pleasure is the concept of fast food. Food provided in a fast (and inexpensive) way. It is a genius concept created by the American entrepreneurial spirit to meet our desire for immediate gratification. The problem is that what is often “fast” — whether obtained by reaching in our pantry or driving through a drive-thru — is nothing more than empty calories or just plain bad for our health (our waistlines and ultimately our pocketbooks too). Moreover, because we think of food (and it is defined) as a nourishing substance, it begs the question: is what we are getting fast really “food” ?  However, you can have a fast snack or meal that is inexpensive, delicious and nourishing and this fast food, made with heart-healthy protein, is this week’s simple pleasure: roasted red pepper tuna purée Read the rest of this entry »