the gift of time

December 15th, 2012



the gift of time:
holiday hosting  just got easier with two delicious 
(and simple) holiday desserts

 My mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas. “Nothing,” I responded, “except more time.” The end of the year seems like a race. I know I am not alone in this sentiment. It is a juggle between the end of the school year activities and holiday preparations with an already over-committed work schedule and daily tasks of a parent. Multi-tasking at its best. In fact, I post this blog to you as I indulge in an early birthday gift of making the grey disappear from my hair. My wish for the “gift of time” inspired this week’s simple pleasure: two easy holiday desserts, eggnog crème brûlée and a pear frangipane tart with vanilla bean and orange.   Read the rest of this entry »