culinary nostalgia

January 21st, 2013


girl preserving doll in glass jar

girl preserving doll in glass jar

















culinary nostalgia and reliving the season:
preserving lemons 

 When I was small, my father sang to me the song “Time in a Bottle.” It was a 1970‘s hit by Jim Croce lamenting about preserving the days with a loved one. He wanted to capture the soon-to-be lost time in a bottle. Humans like things to stay as they are and when the moments are gone, we like to fondly think about the way things were. We are nostalgic. I thought of this song this week (which I will explain later) but the concept of preserving the moment naturally made me think of preserving food. Culinary nostalgia. This thought inspired this week’s simple pleasure: preserved Meyer lemons.


Meyer Lemons in glass jar

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