apple sorbet

November 12th, 2010

apple sorbet

This recipe is super simple and great to keep on hand in the freezer as a “go to” dessert.  It can be served alone, accompanying a baked dessert, or with a glass of  Calvados (apple brandy).

I have given examples of apples I like to use, but do not let my list limit your creativity.  With 15,000 varieties of apples, you have many options.

I wrote this recipe to take advantage of an apple’s color and vitamins.  First, the apples are simmered in apple juice with the skins on, giving the sorbet a pretty pink color and you the benefit of the vitamin C and antioxidant compounds concentrated in the apple’s peel.  Also, I add no sugar.  If you use fresh, ripe apples, you do not need it.   Lastly,  I grated some of the uncooked apple peel, creating an apple “zest” to mix in the sorbet.  You can leave the zest out if you choose, but I think the red flakes  (or green flakes as the case may be) make the sorbet visually interesting as well as add a little texture. Je vous souhaite un bon appétit !


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