venez avec moi en Normandie

January 1st, 2011

venez avec moi en Normandie

la cuisine de Normandie
(the food of Normandy)

There is nothing subtle about Normandy or its food.   Normandy is dramatic and its food is substantial.  Endless grasslands dotted with hay stacks and grazing cattle, apples orchards that stretch for miles, and cliffs that drop off to the Atlantic waters crashing far below.   In terms of its cuisine, Normandy is probably best known for its cream, the Camembert in a box, and the rich butter; however, Normandy’s culinary treasures extend far beyond its dairy.  While I will occasionally post additional pieces on specific regions in Normandy or a particular food, this is only a brief overview of the food and flavors you can expect to find in this rich region of France.


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