the lure of an apple, the seduction of toast

October 26th, 2012


the lure of an apple, the seduction of toast 

all treat with no trick: cinnamon-sugared baked apples 
on crispy, caramelized ghost toasts

Remember bobbing for apples at Halloween parties? Children (and adults) shoving their faces into a steel bucket of cold water hoping to capture the crunchy treat in between their teeth. Apples have draw. Some may call them an “attractive nuisance” (which in the legal world refers to something potentially dangeous but so inviting that it is certain to attract people to it). Think of Eve. How about Snow White? However, you can give into the lure of an apple; without negotiating with a serpent; with no resulting sin or threat of your heart in a box; and no bucket of cold water in your face or to drown in. In fact, you can have your apple and your sugar fix too. 

This Halloween, it is all treat: warm, soft, baked apples basted in a cinnamon-sugared butter on top of toasts (in the shape of ghosts) that have been caramelized to a crispy and chewy, buttery delight. Giving into this seasonal treat and coming out unscathed, satisfied, and keeping the switch witch at bay is the inspiration for this week’s simple pleasure: cinnamon-sugared baked apples on crispy, caramelized ghost toasts.

“bone” appétit !  




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