les œufs à la coque

May 6th, 2013


chef morgan les oeufs 1

birds, you, and my friend nicknamed Goo

les œufs à la coque (à ma façon)

soft-boiled eggs with toast spears and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus


My friend Celine has a love-hate relationship with birds: they love her; she dislikes them. If there is a bird to be found, Celine will quickly walk the other way. When in Paris, I often photograph the Parisian pigeons (which are everywhere) and email the photos to her with a caption that the pigeons miss her and want her to come home. The joke never seems to get old (at least on my end, but Celine takes it well). Recently, Celine passed through LA and it was her visit which inspired this simple pleasure: les œufs à la coque (with my own twist).  Read the rest of this entry »