the “be a 10” challenge

October 6th, 2011

Ten messy Fingers

10th run, 10 dollars, 10 times:
giving (and receiving) a little early this year

In one month from today, on November 6, 2011, I will run my 10th marathon in the “Big Apple.” It will be my third New York marathon. Normally I do not run marathons for a charitable cause. It is not because the many causes are not worthy or I am uninterested but because I never wanted to feel as if I let someone down (i.e., if I was not fast enough or strong enough…what if I fell?). Well, I have fallen in a marathon, a few times (once almost trampled in New York) and  I still finished. Assuming that I will be able to do that again, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving a little early, this year I am making an exception, of course, the exception is culinarily linked. That exception is the St. Joseph Center in Venice, California. Their creed is planting hope and growing lives.” They do. Here is your connection (and mine) and the what, why, and how of the be a 10” challenge. Read the rest of this entry »