papillons au Roquefort (blue cheese butterflies)

Blue Cheese Butterflies

papillons au Roquefort
(blue cheese butterflies)

makes 12 (or more depending upon size of bread) 

what you need:

1 small wedge of Papillon Roquefort  (or other quality blue cheese) 
1 small loaf of quality raisin and nut bread 
6 teaspoons good honey (and as needed)

how to:

  • Slice Bread. Lay the loaf of bread on its side and cut a 1” slice from the bottom of  the loaf. You want the entire bottom crust to be the bottom of your slice. If you are working with a boule (a round loaf), cut it in half vertically and lay the cut halves on the cutting board. Remove a 1” slice from the bottom of each half. You will have 2 semi-circles.
  • Create Butterfly Bodies. Lay the slice(s), crust side down, on cutting board  (you will have a rectangle or 2 semi-circles).  Slice into 1” inch strips, then into 1” inch cubes. Lay the cubes on their side and trim each side to create a “V.” The base of the “V” will be the crust and it should be about ¼”  wide (or the butterflies will not stand up). Cut a triangle out of the top of the cube to finish the “V”.
  • Add Honey. Add ½ teaspoon of honey to the interior of each “V”.
  • Create Wings. Blue cheese is soft because of the blue veins so carefully use a small, sharp knife to cut 24 slices (about ⅛” thick). Use another knife t remove the cheese from th cutting knife and place the slices on a plate. Place the plate in the freezer for about 15 minutes to firm the cheese up so you can shape them. Once chilled, remove cheese from the freezer, trim the slices to look like butterfly wings. Add a slice of cheese to each interior side of the “V.” 
  • Serve. If the cheese is becoming too soft, you can return the butterflies to the freezer. Let them come to room temperature before service. If you are having trouble with them standing upright on a plate, dab a little honey on the plate and set the butterflies on top of the honey.
Blue Cheese Butterflies




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