fig and nectarine fruit salad

August 21st, 2014

chef morgan a table

(no) Labor Day Summer Salad

fig and nectarine fruit salad

End of Grandes Vacances. End of summer. Sigh. No more long sunny days and lazy mornings. No more cabana boy bringing you a chilled rosé to sip on at the beach with your friends. Bigger sigh. As if that isn’t too much to take in, the return to reality after vacation can be jarring. There is the vacation mail that was held and now spilling over the box ready for you to dive in. The appointments, forms, supplies, and back to school events filling your calendar which despite your color labels (an organizational system that Martha Stewart herself would admire) your calendar does not look organized. Instead, it looks like a toddler has taken crayons to it. Although vacation brings a rejuvenation and a new sense of life, sometimes we are not yet ready to let go of summer. Read the rest of this entry »

tofu protein shakes … a complete meal

January 12th, 2012


 big resolution, solid steps: healthy snacks that will not send you back to 2011

part one: real protein shakes

 I run an average of 50 miles per week. As a runner, I can tell you that I am offered numerous food products that are supposed to improve my running and my nutrition. These man-made packages of protein wonder come in the form of powders, liquids, gels, gums, and even jelly beans. However, I was raised with the notion that if you want something, you go to the source. Drinking a protein shake with a lengthy ingredient list replete with names and processes that I do not understand, let alone pronounce, does not interest me. However, it is possible to have a super-fast protein shake that is good for you and tastes great without resorting to the powders and formulas so this week’s simple pleasure is just that: real (tofu ) protein shakes. Read the rest of this entry »